Increasingly businesses are turning to Managed IT Services to help recoup the most from their IT investment by providing IT consultation and support upto 50% less than your current IT service provider for both SMEs and full large scale enterprises

Managed IT services is an outsourcing option where the service providers assume complete responsibility of the project development. The requirements of the client are reviewed by the service provider and a fixed price is quoted by the later. Finally a fixed duration is assigned for the project completion and it is service provider's obligation to deliver the said solutions in this timeframe.

However, the managed IT model is useful for long term projects that are bound to stretch for several years. The model provides peace of mind to the clients whereas service providers can also concentrate on the project and improvement activities without many diversions. It is necessary to have clear cut requirements and specification regarding the project as any major changes may not be easily accommodated later and will require extra cost along with delay in project delivery.

Since the past decade, SolutionsMax has been offering exemplary Managed IT Services to its elite clients consisting of large enterprises and fortune 1000 companies. SolutionsMax offers an integrated outsourcing solution completely developed by our software engineers and IT experts to provide a neatly integrated and packaged product with high transparency to our global clients. These projects may span from 1 year to an yearly extendable engagement model suiting on the requirements and comfort of the client.

This model provides various advantages which are not feasible in short term engagement models. Some of the benefits of a multi- year engagement agreement are mentioned below.

Benefits of SolutionsMax's Managed IT Services

  • Highly recommended and beneficial for projects having great scope for outsourcing.
  • Productivity and quality improves over the years.
  • A capable single vendor will be able to provide a well integrated solution.
  • As the time passes by processes and activities are simplified and standardized. The productivity is increased and with time better results are achieved.
  • As the service provider is responsible for the successful delivery of the product therefore the business risk is shared. A highly beneficial partnership scenario for both clients and service providers.

SolutionsMax believes in achieving highest levels of client satisfaction along with successful project deliveries. Our engagement/partnership with clients is based on completely transparent and genuine business activities. Apart from a highly skilled project development team SolutionsMax also owns three development centers in New Delhi, capital of India. We have armed ourselves with enough technical knowledge and resources to successfully deliver on the most complex and huge requirements.

To know more about our managed IT solutions and to get in touch with us, please complete our request information form and we shall get in touch with you shortly.